Changes to be aware of:

As of December 1st, we changed our office hours to Monday through Friday 8-5pm. We are currently not open on Saturdays.

We structured our doctors’ daily schedules in a more compact arrangement to allow for more same day sick appointments. These appointments are not allowed to be scheduled until the opening of that day. These are still limited and fill up quickly. The draw back to this appears to be that once all these same day sick appointments fill up, it is more difficult to impossible to add more to the schedule. You may also find that you must wait a little more than you are used to as it is easier for our doctors to get behind schedule. Until more providers can be found and hired, this is the best we are able to amend the schedule without putting greater pressures on our current providers and risk creating physical and mental hardships.

Like most people, price changes will be occurring starting January 1st. Most things will change. Ask before scheduling. If already scheduled for an appointment or procedure, you can still expect those changes to apply to you. Written estimates less than 30 days old are valid.

We will be instituting a PDF version of our release forms for surgeries and drop offs on our website to help make check-ins for those appointment types more efficient. We also hope to be able to email you the form ahead of time as well, so you are not burdened with having to fill them out the morning of the procedure. We do not want to waste your time or have you spend more time than necessary, but still provide us with the valuable information needed for these items. If you are in the group of people that do not have access to email or the internet, then you are not likely receiving this email and a paper copy will be provided.